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Harvestville Farm has GROWN considerably over the years, thanks to all your continued support, which is why we love and continue to feel the strong need to give back to our community and neighbors. Harvestville Farm is happy to consider all requests for donations to worthy causes, however, each year we receive a GREAT deal of requests from both our local and surrounding communities for donations. Due to this high volume of donation requests, we have reached a point in which we cannot fulfill each one.

Because of the high volume of requests we are now having to restructure the way we handle them. All of our requests must now come through the website using this FORM. The form must be filled out completely and any flyer you have promoting the event/fundraiser must be attached to your request. Once you complete the form, you may email or mail this form along with a formal letter of request on company or organization letterhead (if possible) at least two weeks prior to the event for consideration.

Please know that we will take each donation request seriously and will make every attempt to fulfill that request to the best of our capabilities prior to meeting our donation budget. Thank you.

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Call us at 319.470.1558 or fill out the form below.

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